Ghost White EG


The Easy Glow ink line is a more fluid line, maintaining the same concentration of pigments as in the original Electric Ink formulation. Its main characteristics are: easy homogenization, application, brightness, covering power and fast healing.

Easy Glow caters to different types of artists with its solid colors and technical quality. Ideal for artists who like to tattoo quickly without major dilutions.

It does not present sedimentation, coagulation, caking and if the pigment separates, a simple agitation is enough and it will be ready for use.

* High resistance to weathering (resistance to sunlight, pollutants, solvents, etc.)

* Sterilized in gamma rays after bottling, guaranteeing a product totally free of microorganisms.

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120 ml, 15 ml, 240 ml, 30 ml, 60 ml


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